CEBOS Trend Finish acrylic interior...

CEBOS Trend Finish acrylic interior water-based, the particular aesthetic effects of opaque and pearly

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Decorative finish interior water, which allows you to achieve multiple effects: from the delicate nuances of tone in the lighter colors to particular contrasts and sbiancature in darker colours. Suitable for any environment, easy application and moderate washability.


Acrylic interior water-based, high coverage and whiteness, smooth look.

Application of FondoPlus:after careful preparation of the support, apply the product, white or coloured in the same way of the finish, diluted to 10% with water, in one or two coats until complete coverage of the bottom with a roller, short haired. Theoretical coverage: 10 square metres per litre.

Staining of CeboTrend:dye the product in the desired colour with the dyes

Application of CeboTrend: theproduct is ready to use and apply with a brush or glove synthetic on FondoPlus white or colored.

Application glove: dip the glove in CeboTrend and pass it on the wall in a circular motion, light and uniform.
After about 1-2 sqm wipe gently the surface of the glove with the exhaust to regulate the distribution of the product.
Theoretical coverage: 5-6 sqm per litre.

Brush application:dip a paint brush medium (7x3 or 10x3) in CeboTrend, diluted max 5% with water, and pass it on to cris crossing with brush marks on the wall.
After about 1-2 sqm wipe gently the surface with the tool exhaust to regularize the distribution of the product.
Theoretical coverage: 6-7 sqm / litre.

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